Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I believe...

So we all have this belief system. Some have strong feelings about their religion some aren't too sure what to believe. Some don't believe in anything so I guess that means they believe in non believing which in my opinion is a belief of its own. I just have one question...why do people think you are such a bad person if you don't believe in their god?

I am not a religious person at all. I have different reasons for why I don't follow a specific religion or praise a specific GOD. It may seem weird because my dad is a religious guru. My mothers side of the family is a mixed bag of different religions but for the most part everybody is involved in some form of it. So why don't I feel like I need to have to or most importantly want to be involved in a specific religious group.

Let me start by my experiences with religion. Whenever I went to church (with my dad mostly) as a child I just simply never "felt" it. I never understood it. I wasn't a bad kid who ran through the aisles but It just never made sense to me as a child. I remember one particular event is when I got baptized. After I was dunked in the water they tried to force me to speak in tongues. I'm like ok so I tried it..I faked it 100% because as I started making random noises I was thinking like "why hasn't somebody called me out on it yet?" The next thought in my head was "how many other people are faking it and thinking the same thing I'm thinking"

That is just one experience as a child that left my mind open to other things then religion to believe in. So that's what I have been doing for the past 13 years. I just don't understand why when I say I don't believe in god and the bible that people say Im the devil. If I was the devil I would believe in the bible seeing as how he has a vital role in the story. Just food for thought for people who say that.

So what do I believe in? I believe that nothing can be proved either way whether you think God created the universe or the universe was just always here. I don't really care how it got here honestly for the simple fact it doesn't change that it is here. I like to use the time I have here enjoying the time I have here.

If you think that I'm a bad person for thinking this way then think about all the bad people that believe in a certain religion. Just because you belong to a religion doesn't make you a good person and just because you don't doesn't make you a bad person either. I know for a fact that if people read this I will get a ton of bible quotes that will try to prove to me that being a good person isn't enough if you don't believe. That's fine but that just shows you didn't read anything I just wrote.

In no way shape or form am I telling anybody that they are wrong for what their thoughts when it comes to this subject..all im saying is that I dont think anybody is really right. If you believe that religion can help you become a better person then thats all that matters to me but dont dump your religion on me because I dont need it to be a better person. If you claim a religion and its not making you a better person (like so many people) then its essentially useless.

I have one more thought to share. I was watching Tales from the Hood the other day and a scene from that movie sparked a idea about the bible to me. (yeah I know tales from the hood is a bad choice but if you follow the point then it doesnt really matter lol) Its the story of the monster where lil dude got abused by his moms boyfriend and he drew pics of him as a monster. When he went to sleep at night and he would sneak in his room he viewed his as a monster not as a human. So imagaine if the teacher never went to the house and the boy died in a car accident and only evidence of his abuse left was his drawings of a monster then that would leave peoples mind open to monster really existing and the idea wouuld always be left out there.

In the bible days some of the things that happen that was said like God impregnated Mary. What if God was a powerful human that other humans feared and respeceted for one reason or another so when it got written down as a GOD and as time passed we today believe God to be a supernatural being? I mean we do it today only difference is we have techonolgy such as tv to show that if someone referred to michael jackson as a music god that he is just a powerful artist. If this was 500 B.C michaeal jackson could easily be one of your zodiac signs. Get it? Or what if the bible is just a story or God being the protagonist and the devil being the antagonist? Just something to think about.

To all belivers of the bible or whatever choice religion I am not bashing the bible or your belief system as I stated before if it helps you become a better person then thats all that matters. Good is good bad is bad and that fact will never change no matter you belive or dont.

Well fell free to comment welcome back to my blog I have plenty more topics to share with folks...some funny some more simlar to this and everything in between.