Monday, September 12, 2011

Why I dig chubby chicks!

I cant lie...I like chubby chicks. Not Precious big but I dont mind meat on the bone. Dont get me wrong I also like somewhat skinny chicks and the overused and sometimes misunderstood "thick" chicks as well. My whole point of writing this is to show some of the bigger some love because sometimes they get over looked.

Reason No 1: Chubby chicks are less conceited.- I like a down to earth woman no matter how she looks. It just so happens that most of them are either chubby not attractive or non-exisetent. A chubby girl you can compliment all day and she will never let it get to her head...she will make it get to yours. (more on that later)
Attractive chicks get hit on far too much and you can barealy say hi to them without them giving you the beat box. You tell a chubby chick hey your hair looks nice today they will love you forever you tell a "model" (or insert whatever you choose to call very attractive women) type chick that they will be looking like "yeah yeah heard that 5 times today geez ok hair looks good."

Reason No 2: They are not afraid to chow down!- Im a skinny dude...I cant gain weight to save my life. Thing is I like to eat unhealthy coney dogs fried chicken wings hashbrowns with onions chili and cheese sweets and everything in between. I dont want a girl that watches her figure then wants me to change how I eat and resent me because if she eats what I eat she gets fat. GOOD! I would rather have a skinny chick that can eat like me and not gain a ounce or a cute chubby chick that eats my leftovers downs a beer with me and goes on late night coney runs with me!

Reason No 3: They Will give you the best blowjob ever.
Yes I said it..they will and they do! The reason is simple. A bigger girl is more then likely already somewhat self concious about her self and if a dude shows interest then she will perfect the art of making sure she can keep her man. A fine chick always has more options and probably has a phone full of numbers with dudes ready to shove their fleshrocket in them the second your fuck up.

Reason No 4: They keep you strong.
Big girls are well big. When you are doing the do you have to work harder but its kinda like working out when you think about it. Bang a big girl lift her legs up and look at your are essentially getting a free workout in! Flip her over hit it from the back and lift them cheeks up...two work outs in one. Plus big girls are pretty big freaks too which helps.

Reason No 5: Keeps a brother warm when its cold out:
This is the classic reason but for me its the least important. I have a blanket to keep me warm but that does not negate the fact that you can save a few bucks on the heating bill because you can turn that thermostat down a few nothces with her under that blanket with you!

These are my top 5 reasons to date a chubby chick at least once in your life.

Honorable mention reasons:
They tend to take better care of them selves because its one thing to be a stinky girl its another to be a stinky fat girl.

They treat you better on your get gifts sex food and they spend their own money!

They work hard at their job which means they will make more money and are more willing to help you with bills to take the burden off of you.

Last but not least...more to love!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I believe...

So we all have this belief system. Some have strong feelings about their religion some aren't too sure what to believe. Some don't believe in anything so I guess that means they believe in non believing which in my opinion is a belief of its own. I just have one question...why do people think you are such a bad person if you don't believe in their god?

I am not a religious person at all. I have different reasons for why I don't follow a specific religion or praise a specific GOD. It may seem weird because my dad is a religious guru. My mothers side of the family is a mixed bag of different religions but for the most part everybody is involved in some form of it. So why don't I feel like I need to have to or most importantly want to be involved in a specific religious group.

Let me start by my experiences with religion. Whenever I went to church (with my dad mostly) as a child I just simply never "felt" it. I never understood it. I wasn't a bad kid who ran through the aisles but It just never made sense to me as a child. I remember one particular event is when I got baptized. After I was dunked in the water they tried to force me to speak in tongues. I'm like ok so I tried it..I faked it 100% because as I started making random noises I was thinking like "why hasn't somebody called me out on it yet?" The next thought in my head was "how many other people are faking it and thinking the same thing I'm thinking"

That is just one experience as a child that left my mind open to other things then religion to believe in. So that's what I have been doing for the past 13 years. I just don't understand why when I say I don't believe in god and the bible that people say Im the devil. If I was the devil I would believe in the bible seeing as how he has a vital role in the story. Just food for thought for people who say that.

So what do I believe in? I believe that nothing can be proved either way whether you think God created the universe or the universe was just always here. I don't really care how it got here honestly for the simple fact it doesn't change that it is here. I like to use the time I have here enjoying the time I have here.

If you think that I'm a bad person for thinking this way then think about all the bad people that believe in a certain religion. Just because you belong to a religion doesn't make you a good person and just because you don't doesn't make you a bad person either. I know for a fact that if people read this I will get a ton of bible quotes that will try to prove to me that being a good person isn't enough if you don't believe. That's fine but that just shows you didn't read anything I just wrote.

In no way shape or form am I telling anybody that they are wrong for what their thoughts when it comes to this subject..all im saying is that I dont think anybody is really right. If you believe that religion can help you become a better person then thats all that matters to me but dont dump your religion on me because I dont need it to be a better person. If you claim a religion and its not making you a better person (like so many people) then its essentially useless.

I have one more thought to share. I was watching Tales from the Hood the other day and a scene from that movie sparked a idea about the bible to me. (yeah I know tales from the hood is a bad choice but if you follow the point then it doesnt really matter lol) Its the story of the monster where lil dude got abused by his moms boyfriend and he drew pics of him as a monster. When he went to sleep at night and he would sneak in his room he viewed his as a monster not as a human. So imagaine if the teacher never went to the house and the boy died in a car accident and only evidence of his abuse left was his drawings of a monster then that would leave peoples mind open to monster really existing and the idea wouuld always be left out there.

In the bible days some of the things that happen that was said like God impregnated Mary. What if God was a powerful human that other humans feared and respeceted for one reason or another so when it got written down as a GOD and as time passed we today believe God to be a supernatural being? I mean we do it today only difference is we have techonolgy such as tv to show that if someone referred to michael jackson as a music god that he is just a powerful artist. If this was 500 B.C michaeal jackson could easily be one of your zodiac signs. Get it? Or what if the bible is just a story or God being the protagonist and the devil being the antagonist? Just something to think about.

To all belivers of the bible or whatever choice religion I am not bashing the bible or your belief system as I stated before if it helps you become a better person then thats all that matters. Good is good bad is bad and that fact will never change no matter you belive or dont.

Well fell free to comment welcome back to my blog I have plenty more topics to share with folks...some funny some more simlar to this and everything in between.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How To fix Detroit....

I am from Detroit. I love my city. This is home this is where I grew up and I grew up at the right time. I learned a good amount of street smarts school smarts and just a overall amount of smarts. (I know that sounded stupid but I couldnt think of a better way to put it) I know that this city gets a bad reputation in this city as well around the country. Detroit is no longer classified as being fucked just classified as being Detroit....which is fucked up! Anyway as messed up as this city is I think I have a few ideas that may help bring the city back.

Now I have been to a few different cities in the Unites States and when I visit them I try to visit the neighborhoods or the hoods. Its "hoods" all around the country and its not a Detroit thing. What is a Detroit thing is we dont care about our hoods. We dont care about eachother. How do you fix this. Get rid of em...harsh but true. Im not saying if people are living in their house come and get rid of them. I am saying make laws and enforce them to take care of their house and lawn. We have traffic units to give out traffic tickets...create a unit to go around and give tickets to muthafuckas with roaches and no doorknobs on their houses. Give out grants to fix the houses thats occupied and if they dont keep them up fine them. It will create jobs and give people a reason to not spend their money on tickets but on their house that will then help them take more value in their home. They dont like it..fuck em kick them out and give the house to somebody who cares. They way we can turn the hoods to neighborhoods....same niggas different mentality..better results

Next problem which is a major problem is the school system. We have such a low graduation rate that more people graduate from wayne state then out high schools combined. Nobody goes to school. I would start my legalizing marijuana. That would bring so many tax incentinves to the area. Damn near everybody smokes it anyway regualate it and make money off it. It will stop these young bastards from selling weed at gas stations. As a matter of fact make a weed incentive in high schools. You do so good you can blaze up. Lets create a weed liscense! You have to have a certain eduacation level and pass a test in order to smoke. Just make it harder then the driving test becaue its too many people who have can drive but cant drive. I mean weed isnt a drug anyway its a plant...thats another topic for another day anyway.

Next thing would help school as well. That is parents. Parents need to be help accountable for their kids not going to school. If their kids dont go to school they should be fined. If parents start losing money based on their kids actions them bastard will be in school everyday. If they kids are that wild and still dont go to school....send them to army no questions asked. Dont just let kids run around getting into crimes! If kids arent graduation in school they arent getting jobs. If they are not getting jobs you know they are either a: living off their parents or B: doing some sort of hustle to get money. Just eliminate those options and say you dont want to go to school..ok fine handcuff them take them to army or circus or somethings..doesnt make me a diffence as long as the majority of kids start going to school. Sorry if this sounds harsh but conventinal methods wont and dont work these bastards dont care about themselves anyway if they did they wouldve went to school...

Legalize Prostition. Why not? One of the shittiest cities yet most popular cities in the country does it. Las vegas is the go past the strip its like Detroit in the desert. The only difference is the city does what it does great. They created a area where everybody goes to just do whatever under legel terms..prostituion is legal there! Why not here...make women get a hooking liscense! Import hookers whatever you have to do to make tourist come to detroit to get some booty and blunt! We would have one up on Vegas with that! Come up with some new fresh business ideas that will bring investors and tourist here. Make this city worth coming to!

This following idea would cost a lot of money to do and may not need to be done depending on if other ideas work which is why I would do this last or to a minium. If the roach police dont work tear all these damn shitty houses down. Tear down these buildings that havent been in business for years down. Create park space. Put down grass employ people to keep them well kept. Created jobs boom...better looking cleaner city..boom eyesores are very bad...I mean would you rather date a chick with aids or genital warts? Well she could tell you she doesnt have cant hide warts and as soon as you see leave...same here get rid of the messed up buildings and houses you see everyday at least.

If you start at these few ideas you would start changing the mentality of people where it matters the most and in future endeavors in this city.If schools get better then people wouldnt move to give kids a better chance at learning. If people care about learning then they will learn about how important it is to take care of their own. Im not saying conform to other cities. Im just saying take care of your own. Dont be out here thinking that its cool to not be shit!

Intentions...did I mention

I made a facebook status about intentions earlier today. I write down a ton of notes in my Iphone of daily thoughts events stories what I read hear or talk about. I update my facebook alot based on some of these thoughts. Its a ton that dont make it and im sure a ton that shouldnt have made it. I just thought I would get that out there before I continue just to give a little background of where some of these thougts come from. Now enjoy the following...

Life is full of actions. People may do some of same actions with different intentions. Some people understand why people do things some dont. Some understand after you explain why you did some things some still dont understand because they are stuck in their ways. People need to realize that it may be nothing wrong with their way of thinking but you also have to try to understand others as well if not then you will always go through life mad or angry.

Ill throw a few situations out there that may not have bad intentions but maybe not so good actions. Say if a guy works all the time or late and his girl or wife may have had plans to go out on a date. He says that he is tired and maybe another day would be better so they both can enjoy the date. She gets mad and has a attitude. WHY? dont you want to go out so you both can enjoy or so you can enjoy?!

Now what about a dude who wants to have sex alot WITH HIS GIRL. Now before they got together she knew what was up....she knew he had a v12 for a sex drive. She loved it that was part of the reason she got in a realtionship with him.He loved the fact that she called him daddy during sex. He paid the bills took care of everything at home. He was also just a good guy treated her real nice took her out bought her things and had a good job. She saw $ i mean husband written all over him. Now that they are in a realtionship she stopped giving it to him for one reason or another. Now he is cool with it but then she tries to punish him for little things so she does so by not giving him any. He then turns and cheats. Now he aint shit! Now he was thinking well she not giving me none anyway ill get mine on the side but still be a good guy to her anyway because I love her. So that what he does. He does so for months without getting caught then he does. She is pissed. She doesnt stop to think about that he cheated to get his nut not to hurt her thats why he kept it a secret. She told him "well why do you think I called you daddy all the time? because thats what you acted like my daddy paying my bills cooking me dinner givine me a place to just gave me enough time to save up my own money to get my own shit just like a daddy supposed to!"

Now his actions may not have justified his intentions but still his intent was not a bad one. Her intent was to get as much as she can so she can move foward in life on her own. Who knows what she may have saved her money up for? She set herself a goal and acheieved it. Now whats wrong with that?! Nothing if a guy is stupid enough to let it happen.

Now I may joke alot in things I say but that doesnt mean they have a deeper meaning! I intend for people to laugh but I also intend for people to think and say "damn you know what maybe my girl does love me even though she cheats alot she just doesnt want to break my heart" or "I diddnt break you windows to hear you yeall at me...I intended for you to know that if you cheated on me again that it will cost you a car part everytime...since you love you hoodrat cheese so much(car)"

Please people pay intention some attention so that you may understand people a little better...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Frat...bats and ass taps...

The story about the guy who got beat for 32 days and almost died from fraternity hazing sparked a past feeling I have always had for fraternities. This of course isnt the first case of this and wont be the last. I know my blog with my few readers wont change it but my purpose of this is just to let my viewpoint be known about the senselessness of frats in the first place.

I am not in a fraternity. Never wanted to join one and never understood the purpose of joining one. I understand the benefits of joining them. I understand the job oppturnities and life long brotherhood that comes with it. Not to mention the parties and poody that may come along with it. You get recongized and you become a part of something. Ive always wondered though what do you have to be good at to become a part of a fraternity?! Whats the talent? What is the common purpose?

You have basketball teams and people on them can play basketball and they come together for the common purpose of winning games and throughout that they may form a brotherhood (fraternity) from that. You have glee clubs, debate teams, dance teams, football, the list can go and on about teams or groups or clubs that all have a talent and a common purpose but I cant find out why fraternities exist...well the ones of today. I could go into a history lesson of the orgins and all that could stuff but thats irrevelent to todays time and my point exactly. They dont serve the same purpose that they severed when they were first created.

Let me take a brief intermission to infrom all readers of this who have pledged, whether male or female, that if you found it something that you wanted to do thats fine! I know plenty of people who have pledged all for different reason. The beauty of life and being different is that I have never found enough of a reason to pledge they and maybe you have and this is just my thoughts on the subject mattter....hopefully that will avoid hearing the backlash of the stupids the real fraternity and soroity that alot of people are a part of and dont even know it..s-t-u-pee-EYE-DEE stupid yeah we stupid...anyway...

Now the hazing is a initation that is supposed to make you stronger and you have passed the line. Its also supposed to teach. Im sure that more often than not it gets done the right way. For those who do they think about?! YOU ARE IN A FRATERNITY. A SECRET GROUP THAT ONLY THE PEOPLE IN IT OR WANT TO JOIN IT CARE ABOUT! DO YOU REALLY HAVE TO BEAT SOMEBODY TO NEAR DEATH TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT HIM JOINING?! That mentality right there is the problem I have with alot of Frat brothers. They think people who care about them! The only people that do are you your brothers and the cock suckers who want to suck your cock to join and the freaks that just like being a part of something that they have nothing to do with(thats another topic for another day)

Now this next part may be offensive to some but hey whatever im not here to please anybody. I honestly think alot of guys who join Frats are insecure. I know alot of guys who may not have "fit in" in high school and when they get to college they see a window of oppturnity to join something that they will feel accecpted and a part of. What other reason would you get you ass whooped to be a part of something for?! better job oppturnities? umm thats what you are in college for in the first place..more like better sociable (sex) oppturtunites! The rest of the stuff oh yea yea thats cool to type thing a added beneifit.

I look at my friends and we been friends since forever. None of us has ever wanted to join a fraternity. I believe is because we know that we dont need random dudes beating out ass just to hang with them and do frat guy stuff. If we wanted to party we would just go to the parties they throw! I can do the same things they do on my own and still have the same friends who are all like my brothers anyway without the bullshit of the need of trying to "fit it".

I diddnt mention anything about women in this because they have different reasons for doing different things. I choose not to touch why they join because honestly I dont know! Never thought about it dont really care about it so hopefully this saves some of the S-T-U-PEE-EYE-DEE frat memebers backlash.

Monday, April 26, 2010


This title sounds like its will be a poem or something!Its actually about words and how we uses them and I beleive the hidden power in them. Since I just realized that as I typed it...maybe Ill try out a quick poem see how I do..(read the following as if you were snapping your fingers and listening to maya angelbro(my poem alter ego)) on the did I do....damn babymama number 1 turned into baby mama number 2...words...smoke..drunk...crack...words...broke...gamble..let me borrow that...damn...pawn...dollar menu..still a grown ass man and i still gotta ask my momma for money...

ok im done that was completly random and I just thought of that! anyway on to my topic that I came to share with my cult followers! I dont think people realize that words are just expressions of feelings. Well most words I dont mean like car or bike or food. Those words are just what they are but words like bad and good are just expressions of how one feels so how is it possible anyone can every really be wrong if thats how they felt?!

Some arguments are fact based and you can in fact be wrong. Things that have true emotion behind it you are never wrong but since society puts us in a box to fit in a social manner most people never express their true words about things. They hold in a lot of true feelings about things by fitting in. Then sometimes people let them out and then people say people have changed. Everybody wants honest people in this world but its designed for the most part for the honest people to be less succesful in life.

Guys do it a lot when trying to talk to a female. They may just ask a woman what she likes to do. What does she like in a man. Just so he can conform to her likes and not be what he really is. Thus deciveing the woman into thinking he is something he is not then he may get tired of putting on this front blame her leave her heartbroken when if he wouldve just been himself and showed her what he liked and they honestly got to know eachother the right way they wouldve problay been good friends at the least...instead u get a a lot of bullshit and then u get the whole women/men aint shit argument going! well if u put in place some of these things im saying then maybe it will bring a better understanding of why that argument takes place so frequently.

Now as far as cussing I use alot of what can be deemed as foul language. Fuck shit bitch hoe(well thosse two are pretty foul and I use those for foul purposes)I could go on and on...but as far as the words like Fuck or shit or any variation of that I use them for bad and good things they are interchangable and I dont see a bad thing about that.I could be in church and the preacher could be talking some good shit and I could stand up and say "Preach that shit fuck yeah" The feelings behind the words would be good but the words themselves would be bad right?! Wrong! Thats only if you dont think with you own brain. Some people may not cuss any more and think that they are doing something better. If you once called a girl bitches and hoes (the ones that are at least) and now you dont cuss and more and now you call them freaks or whatever the same feeling is there only the word changed...and you know what some people will actully say see..thats better and more accecptable! If the feeling of how you meant the word is the same then its not any better lol! people trip me out with their justifications on certain things!

Anyway I have to go to work so I may continue this later or not whatever I think I got my point across no need to write a thesis paper nobody would get it anyway...but if you do disagree agree or whatever please feel free to comment i will glady respond! ps Im feeling good as fuck this morning...I havent slept that good in a while shit I hope I can do it again cuz damn I feel like I could....well u get the idea if not I feel sorry for you dumb ass fucking people who dont shit and people like you get on my damn nerves! lol!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bitchism...the new true religion gene...

Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks....lyrics from a snoop dogg and dr dre song off the chronic album. At one point in time that was a disrespctful word now it accecptable for a compliment to alot of women! I wish it was like that back in highschool I woldve been using it alot more to a few teachers and alot of of my classmates lol!

I may joke alot and that's how I get my points and ideas across but seriously women let me tell you from a guys perspective....u will never find a man to respect you of u call yourself a bitch....u will find a man to fuck u and of that's all u wanted was some dick you can do that and actually keep the dude around after he's done by not calling yourself a bitch. I believe if you treat yourself like a bitch a dtreat u like a hoe... umm that just makes u a hoe bitch...not a classy hoe...even if he bought u gucci panties with diamond studs that still means u are a hoe bitch with nice panties!

I saw somebody put Trina lyrics up as a facebook status and it said something about being a classy hoe....I asked her what is a classy hoe?! She said for her, a women with standards and limits. Now that is fine if hoe wasn't involved in the equation! What does that mean? Bussing a nut on your face is the standard and the mouth is your limit?! If you swallow them you just a regular hoe?! (gotta save this for stand up!)

Some women even do it backwards.....fuck around for free then act like they are better then hoes! Shit at least let a guy take you to dinner and movie and then let him hit! At least then you can have a better story! You got sluts giving hoes a even worse name! This world is crazy!

Anyway, u expect niggas to hear the word bitch or hoe and then think about commitment or getting to really know you?! Nope he's not no matter what you say to convince a guy that you are not a hoe or a bitch after u said u are he will work twice as hard to prove to you that yeah you are one! Then we get left with the blame of not being shit!

Now guys have their bitchism in them too. Tricking for a treat. Making it seem like it's cool to trick and making women think it's cool to be tricked instead of treated. I'm a firm believer that dick is meant for pussy and vice versa.....all that other shit should not dictate sex! If yo man comes he late don't not give him pussy cuz of he was cheating that night it's probaly because he came home once in the past and diddnt cheat but u had a attitude and diddnt give him the pussy causing him to trick......

Well I hope I clarified some things for some people....this was a random blog that came to me as I was falling asleep . I must say this so people will not tell me no not definition of a bitch is a ride or die chick that's down for her bitches and her man....well to u I say call your bitches...your bitch ass man hop in your ride and drive into the river and drown...then I will say dammit u were right! Well I'm off to bed goodnight folks!