Friday, April 23, 2010

Bitchism...the new true religion gene...

Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks....lyrics from a snoop dogg and dr dre song off the chronic album. At one point in time that was a disrespctful word now it accecptable for a compliment to alot of women! I wish it was like that back in highschool I woldve been using it alot more to a few teachers and alot of of my classmates lol!

I may joke alot and that's how I get my points and ideas across but seriously women let me tell you from a guys perspective....u will never find a man to respect you of u call yourself a bitch....u will find a man to fuck u and of that's all u wanted was some dick you can do that and actually keep the dude around after he's done by not calling yourself a bitch. I believe if you treat yourself like a bitch a dtreat u like a hoe... umm that just makes u a hoe bitch...not a classy hoe...even if he bought u gucci panties with diamond studs that still means u are a hoe bitch with nice panties!

I saw somebody put Trina lyrics up as a facebook status and it said something about being a classy hoe....I asked her what is a classy hoe?! She said for her, a women with standards and limits. Now that is fine if hoe wasn't involved in the equation! What does that mean? Bussing a nut on your face is the standard and the mouth is your limit?! If you swallow them you just a regular hoe?! (gotta save this for stand up!)

Some women even do it backwards.....fuck around for free then act like they are better then hoes! Shit at least let a guy take you to dinner and movie and then let him hit! At least then you can have a better story! You got sluts giving hoes a even worse name! This world is crazy!

Anyway, u expect niggas to hear the word bitch or hoe and then think about commitment or getting to really know you?! Nope he's not no matter what you say to convince a guy that you are not a hoe or a bitch after u said u are he will work twice as hard to prove to you that yeah you are one! Then we get left with the blame of not being shit!

Now guys have their bitchism in them too. Tricking for a treat. Making it seem like it's cool to trick and making women think it's cool to be tricked instead of treated. I'm a firm believer that dick is meant for pussy and vice versa.....all that other shit should not dictate sex! If yo man comes he late don't not give him pussy cuz of he was cheating that night it's probaly because he came home once in the past and diddnt cheat but u had a attitude and diddnt give him the pussy causing him to trick......

Well I hope I clarified some things for some people....this was a random blog that came to me as I was falling asleep . I must say this so people will not tell me no not definition of a bitch is a ride or die chick that's down for her bitches and her man....well to u I say call your bitches...your bitch ass man hop in your ride and drive into the river and drown...then I will say dammit u were right! Well I'm off to bed goodnight folks!


  1. Deep shit. You coulda even took the 'why do chicks dance to disrespectful songs' angle too.

  2. Lol Martin u know you speak the Truf! Lol women these days... smh