Friday, April 9, 2010

My 1st blog

hmmmm, how do I start my 1st blog?! This is hard because Im not a celebrity so nobody really gives a crap about my daily life! I guess Ill just start it off by telling about myself personally, where Im at in my life, where I plan on going, and where I see myself in umm lets say 4-5 years!

Well, my name is Martin Webster (thats where the M.Dubya came from for the less fortunate thinkers out there). Im 23 years old and am lost in life! Thats not a bad thing to me either. Some people get lost in life and panic, im lost because its so much to enjoy im taking my time enjoying life instead of stressing about the things that make life life!

I have a 15 mundt (month) old son named Jordan! I never thought I would be a babies daddy let alone a father but hey u can eat healthy your whole life but shit still happens...u just gotta make sure u wipe good! umm anway I love my son and enjoy learing how to take care of his life while figuring out mine.

I love my family....they are funny weird and diverse and that is what makes them special...we are a rare breed where at dinner we will have quiche, duck, ham, fried chicken, spaghetti, tabouli, lochness monster tail, and dino eggs...and yes we are as diverse and rare as our food!

I work as a pizza guy, man, boy whatever. I do everything in the store cook clean deliver and most importanly talk shit to customers...whats good customer service if they leave with the same ignorannce they walked/called in with?! its up to me to get them together because working in detroit these folks dont know how to be a good customer.

I think I finally know what I want to do as a career. I want to get into film production. I want to write, direct, cast do all of that. I love movies and tv but feel they are getting a little stale. I want to come up with original stories that hopefully people find as funny or intruging as I do.

In 4-5 years...I see myself in the same place I see myself everyday and in the next 5 minutes because I have to get ready for work and thats the mirror...the better question is where will u see me at?! I hope u all enjoyed my 1st blog and hope that u all have a good day and great to voluntary involuntary paid slavery!


  1. Dat is some deep shit. We all got dysfunctional family. Its only viewed that way because we all come from diff minds, diff perceptions, diff feelings, diff experiences, and diff upbringing. I got 2 children by a one of yall weirdo's. Im sure she thinks the exact same way. I like the part about "having too much fun to think about what makes life life. I dont necessarily believe ur lost either....who's smarter? The man that thinks he knows it all....Or the man that admits he doesnt? U cant be lost if you're that 2nd man bro. IN 4-5 yrs......u gon be shooting our videos!!!!! HOLLA ---Ant Dobb

  2. Anthony please kindly stfu. Anyway, Kamaal you should let me proofread and edit this next time! lol