Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Political views: Obama Time for change.. my 50cents

I see and hear this alot especially amongst my black negro colored african amercian or whatever you chose to call yourself on senseless report. Anyway, I hear alot of people say they political views are obama. On facebook you see that! WTF does that mean? How can your political views be a person?! I want to ask these people other questions just to get a laugh! imagine asking a person "what are your views on global warming" and they say the sun! "what are your views on infidelity?" and their answer is tiger woods! Im sad for my generation of people. My goal is to help the ones under me because these ignorant bastards just have no hope..

Im not a politician only a guy with a opinion on the goverenment...that makes me more of a terroist. I dont think Obama has done too much of anything. I am being patient and waiting to see what will happen and give him time, but so far I see no way that he can fix anything for the better of the citizens of this country so far. Imagaine this, say you bought land and paid a company to build you a nice house and they said this land is fucked up..i mean reall fucked up.. the person who had this land before didnt care about it...he just pissed all over it..drove his suv though the grass and buried all his dead hookers here. Its going to take 4 years to fix it. You say "thats find Ill see you in 4 years" You decide to go check on your house and it been 3 years and 6 months and he just stared to did up the dirt...would you be pissed? Thats how I fell about Obama. I dont even think he fixed or has started to fix any problem in this counrty and frankly doesnt think he can or any president can

What has Obama really done for anybody? We have the healthcare reform...thats cool but for a country that is set up and designed for people to succeed on their own that doesnt seem like a smart move. I know people need it. I know it cost money. I also know that if you give people things like that it motivates people to do less in their own life. Also I think in order to recieve the health care you will have to sing away alot more of your rights that will be revealed in the future...

Obama has also given us tax credits and extended umployment. Two things that will motivate people to do less and also gives people less hope of finding a job. You keep telling people that I will increase jobs and then give away more unemployment mone that will have to be paid back someway somehow as well with the tax credits. It like giving a crackhead celebrity more and more credit...then 10 years down the road they are in debt and still on crack. Its not really going to help at all.

to be continued....gotta go to work!


  1. Young man you have a lot of growing to do.

    I receive unemployment and with my time off I'm working on a degree in Networking. I'm also working on a CCNA certification. I'm working on my entrepreneurship. In this time I've also acquired a Real Estate license as well as becoming a Notary. I've taken many classes and many of the people in my classes are 30+ year olds (all the way up to 65 year olds) in my classes because they have been laid off or can't find opportunities. I haven't just experienced this at just one institution either, I've taken classes at the Michigan Institute of Real Estate, Baker College, and New Horizons and it's unanimous. Your very inaccurate on that. When you travel outside of the city limits to areas where seeing drugs, lawlessness, and degenerative behavior is not an everyday part of life you'll see more people using the system in some of the intended ways.

    As for Obama. The problem is not him failing to do anything for anybody. The trouble comes in the fact that he's dumped a lot of money into ineffective policies. He gets an A for effort, but the majority of his policies have failed.

    On Black people's political views being "Obama". It's a black thing totally. Were all Democrats, our favorite rapper is Jay-Z, our favorite food is chicken, we all hang out at the same places... We sag our pants, we wear hats 8 sizes too big or wear clothes 4 sizes too small, we follow every trend. The whole point is we limit ourselves and have no problem putting bounds |BOX| on our lifestyle, interests, and occupations based on what everyone else is doing in our community.

  2. I think you missed my point about unemployment and "a" for effort isn't good enough for a president. That's only good for kids who aren't good at something but try and you encourage them to try again! The unemployment issue is not a bad thing only when it's abused or overused. Is it okay now for some who have no options of course it is. Is it a solution to the Economic downturn? Or course it isn't...It's more like a Unfinshed that is open for public use. When I speak I don't speak on everybody or every view. I speak on my view on those people that feel certain ways about things with no knowledge on why they even feel that way. I'm only 23 yes I have a lot of growing up to do...that's what I'm doing it's called growing up but that has nothing to do with the factual statements I stated above about unemployment. Would you rather depend on government extending unemployment or want them to focus more on creating jobs? I choose the second option. I would prefer my goverent not to force tax credits on people. It will only hurt in long run. So when obamas 1st term is up and you and the people who have finished school and used all of your resources to your advantage let's see how many people couldn't because jobs are at a minimum. It's so bad that people who went to school can't find jobs because they are overqualifed. If that obamas fault personally? No. Is he fixing the problem that was created? No, but he has a a for effort! I wish I could go through life and get a a for effort...I wouldn't do shit right! (sarcastic) thanks for the comment and feel free to reply.

  3. Excuse some of typos typing from phone. It's supposed to say unfinished bridge. It's also supposed to say it's a good thing unless it's abused or overused.

  4. Also some people thrive in situations where odds are against them you happen to be one of them. Some people have built in values were raised right and can learn that when one door closes their are plenty of more doors still open. My point is the way the system in this country is set up not too many things will change wheteher it's Obama or bush or me or you. I'm just afraid of the futre because I don't see things getting better and I hope that I'm wrong.