Saturday, April 10, 2010

limited by popular demand......part 1

All races in this country do different things. Some try other things outside of the norm and like it some dont. Some dont try new things at all and only stick with what they know. If you only stick with what you know how will we ever learn?! I am a black man but Im speaking to all races. I try not to limit myself by what a black person does or doesnt do becuase then we are LIMITED BY POPULAR DEMAND!

Now before I get started let me say I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT EVERYBODY IM TALKING ABOUT THE PEOPLE IM TALKING ABOUT! I hate when you are making a point about certain things and that one idiot has to be make it known that EVERYBODY doesnt do it just because they have nothing intelligent to add ex: person a:U know all black people eat chicken..esp fried with hot sauce...person b: uh-uh dat aint truf i dont eat chicken my mama dont eat chicken my daddy dont eat chicken...JUST THOUGHT ILL PUT THAT THOUGHT OUT THERE B4 I CONTINUE!

The worse case scenio for blacks and black populated areas is fucking up by doing black people shit! Whats black people shit?! the shit that only black people can do..but in reality white people mexican people chinese people do everybody does basically...we just get profiled different ways for it! Thats what black people shit it and white people shit and so on! Its all a thought not a action! Shit, if you ask me Chinese people are the craziest...they kill for anything..(Insert chinese voice here) YOUUUUU took the last piece of cheescake?! that was my we MUST fight! TO THE DEATH!

Anywho back to the point! ummm oh folks are limited by a set thing of what black people are supposed to differs from how you were raised or where you were raised but if you were raised in the hood then you will know what I mean. Loitering is black people shit..esp in the hood...some people think its cool to be seen outside a liquor store or barbershop everyday talking to the same bastards everyday..everybody knows their name they got the hookup on some bullshit and they are happy like that...then some lil black folks look up to some of them..they are limited by whats popular in their area! follow me now?! people are scared of credit...Im starting to think black people fuck up credit on purpose just so they can use that as a excuse! I work in the hood and they say they alot...SHIT U KNOW WE AINT GOT GOOD CREDIT! no actually I diddnt know that cuz I dont know u!

Clothes...ever been to a store and and they had a urban section or a store that had urban in the name? Ever seen a store that had suburban in the name?! nope?! me neither..urban is another name for black...u dont have to specify white..cuz its the norm! since we live in urban areas...we are automatically going to buy urban clothes to keep us in the urban area! kinda weird when u think about it...and dont dress like u shopped in a sub-urban store...then say u are dressing like a white boy! Ive seen people say they are going job hunting in suburban areas in urban clothes not knowing that..u wont even get application dressed like that! niggas would rather look cool for they niggas and hoodrats then to actually dress like they want a job! back to selling dirtbags of weed it is...

well i will continue this later becuase I am on daddy duty right now and I have to get ready for work...continued later..look for part two ummm probaly tomorow!


  1. Very interesting... you are speaking the truth. We as a ppl have a lot of learning to do. You hit the nail on the head about dressing for interviews, ppl being open and seemingly proud of their bad credit... I could go on and on...

  2. thanks nieka! im glad someone commented and understood!