Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Frat...bats and ass taps...

The story about the guy who got beat for 32 days and almost died from fraternity hazing sparked a past feeling I have always had for fraternities. This of course isnt the first case of this and wont be the last. I know my blog with my few readers wont change it but my purpose of this is just to let my viewpoint be known about the senselessness of frats in the first place.

I am not in a fraternity. Never wanted to join one and never understood the purpose of joining one. I understand the benefits of joining them. I understand the job oppturnities and life long brotherhood that comes with it. Not to mention the parties and poody that may come along with it. You get recongized and you become a part of something. Ive always wondered though what do you have to be good at to become a part of a fraternity?! Whats the talent? What is the common purpose?

You have basketball teams and people on them can play basketball and they come together for the common purpose of winning games and throughout that they may form a brotherhood (fraternity) from that. You have glee clubs, debate teams, dance teams, football, the list can go and on about teams or groups or clubs that all have a talent and a common purpose but I cant find out why fraternities exist...well the ones of today. I could go into a history lesson of the orgins and all that could stuff but thats irrevelent to todays time and my point exactly. They dont serve the same purpose that they severed when they were first created.

Let me take a brief intermission to infrom all readers of this who have pledged, whether male or female, that if you found it something that you wanted to do thats fine! I know plenty of people who have pledged all for different reason. The beauty of life and being different is that I have never found enough of a reason to pledge they and maybe you have and this is just my thoughts on the subject mattter....hopefully that will avoid hearing the backlash of the stupids the real fraternity and soroity that alot of people are a part of and dont even know it..s-t-u-pee-EYE-DEE stupid yeah we stupid...anyway...

Now the hazing is a initation that is supposed to make you stronger and you have passed the line. Its also supposed to teach. Im sure that more often than not it gets done the right way. For those who do they think about?! YOU ARE IN A FRATERNITY. A SECRET GROUP THAT ONLY THE PEOPLE IN IT OR WANT TO JOIN IT CARE ABOUT! DO YOU REALLY HAVE TO BEAT SOMEBODY TO NEAR DEATH TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT HIM JOINING?! That mentality right there is the problem I have with alot of Frat brothers. They think people who care about them! The only people that do are you your brothers and the cock suckers who want to suck your cock to join and the freaks that just like being a part of something that they have nothing to do with(thats another topic for another day)

Now this next part may be offensive to some but hey whatever im not here to please anybody. I honestly think alot of guys who join Frats are insecure. I know alot of guys who may not have "fit in" in high school and when they get to college they see a window of oppturnity to join something that they will feel accecpted and a part of. What other reason would you get you ass whooped to be a part of something for?! better job oppturnities? umm thats what you are in college for in the first place..more like better sociable (sex) oppturtunites! The rest of the stuff oh yea yea thats cool to type thing a added beneifit.

I look at my friends and we been friends since forever. None of us has ever wanted to join a fraternity. I believe is because we know that we dont need random dudes beating out ass just to hang with them and do frat guy stuff. If we wanted to party we would just go to the parties they throw! I can do the same things they do on my own and still have the same friends who are all like my brothers anyway without the bullshit of the need of trying to "fit it".

I diddnt mention anything about women in this because they have different reasons for doing different things. I choose not to touch why they join because honestly I dont know! Never thought about it dont really care about it so hopefully this saves some of the S-T-U-PEE-EYE-DEE frat memebers backlash.

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  1. frat guys are so wack. u can tell a frat guy from regular guys cuz they all act the same(alike) cuz they all follow the leader...they dont know how 2 be themselves cuz they are scared of not pleasing their frat. i feel u on this...