Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Intentions...did I mention

I made a facebook status about intentions earlier today. I write down a ton of notes in my Iphone of daily thoughts events stories what I read hear or talk about. I update my facebook alot based on some of these thoughts. Its a ton that dont make it and im sure a ton that shouldnt have made it. I just thought I would get that out there before I continue just to give a little background of where some of these thougts come from. Now enjoy the following...

Life is full of actions. People may do some of same actions with different intentions. Some people understand why people do things some dont. Some understand after you explain why you did some things some still dont understand because they are stuck in their ways. People need to realize that it may be nothing wrong with their way of thinking but you also have to try to understand others as well if not then you will always go through life mad or angry.

Ill throw a few situations out there that may not have bad intentions but maybe not so good actions. Say if a guy works all the time or late and his girl or wife may have had plans to go out on a date. He says that he is tired and maybe another day would be better so they both can enjoy the date. She gets mad and has a attitude. WHY? dont you want to go out so you both can enjoy or so you can enjoy?!

Now what about a dude who wants to have sex alot WITH HIS GIRL. Now before they got together she knew what was up....she knew he had a v12 for a sex drive. She loved it that was part of the reason she got in a realtionship with him.He loved the fact that she called him daddy during sex. He paid the bills took care of everything at home. He was also just a good guy treated her real nice took her out bought her things and had a good job. She saw $ i mean husband written all over him. Now that they are in a realtionship she stopped giving it to him for one reason or another. Now he is cool with it but then she tries to punish him for little things so she does so by not giving him any. He then turns and cheats. Now he aint shit! Now he was thinking well she not giving me none anyway ill get mine on the side but still be a good guy to her anyway because I love her. So that what he does. He does so for months without getting caught then he does. She is pissed. She doesnt stop to think about that he cheated to get his nut not to hurt her thats why he kept it a secret. She told him "well why do you think I called you daddy all the time? because thats what you acted like my daddy paying my bills cooking me dinner givine me a place to stay...you just gave me enough time to save up my own money to get my own shit just like a daddy supposed to!"

Now his actions may not have justified his intentions but still his intent was not a bad one. Her intent was to get as much as she can so she can move foward in life on her own. Who knows what she may have saved her money up for? She set herself a goal and acheieved it. Now whats wrong with that?! Nothing if a guy is stupid enough to let it happen.

Now I may joke alot in things I say but that doesnt mean they have a deeper meaning! I intend for people to laugh but I also intend for people to think and say "damn you know what maybe my girl does love me even though she cheats alot she just doesnt want to break my heart" or "I diddnt break you windows to hear you yeall at me...I intended for you to know that if you cheated on me again that it will cost you a car part everytime...since you love you hoodrat cheese so much(car)"

Please people pay intention some attention so that you may understand people a little better...


  1. Hmm. This is a really intriguing post. I like that you took different sides of the prism and explained. There are a lot of different views. It kind of makes me think about my relationship and what my man "intends" to do when he does things. Just like you said, even though a person's intent may not be bad the action still is. Is it okay to let the action go without anything being said or done just because someone didn't intend to do something malicious? I'm not quite sure. Then again, you can only analyze so much before life moves on and the world keeps spinning, right?

  2. Well it all depends on how you want to view things and live your life! it differs depending on your feelings and his...I just throw ideas out for you to apply them to you logic or whatever...but u are right analyze learn move on..