Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Frat...bats and ass taps...

The story about the guy who got beat for 32 days and almost died from fraternity hazing sparked a past feeling I have always had for fraternities. This of course isnt the first case of this and wont be the last. I know my blog with my few readers wont change it but my purpose of this is just to let my viewpoint be known about the senselessness of frats in the first place.

I am not in a fraternity. Never wanted to join one and never understood the purpose of joining one. I understand the benefits of joining them. I understand the job oppturnities and life long brotherhood that comes with it. Not to mention the parties and poody that may come along with it. You get recongized and you become a part of something. Ive always wondered though what do you have to be good at to become a part of a fraternity?! Whats the talent? What is the common purpose?

You have basketball teams and people on them can play basketball and they come together for the common purpose of winning games and throughout that they may form a brotherhood (fraternity) from that. You have glee clubs, debate teams, dance teams, football, the list can go and on about teams or groups or clubs that all have a talent and a common purpose but I cant find out why fraternities exist...well the ones of today. I could go into a history lesson of the orgins and all that could stuff but thats irrevelent to todays time and my point exactly. They dont serve the same purpose that they severed when they were first created.

Let me take a brief intermission to infrom all readers of this who have pledged, whether male or female, that if you found it something that you wanted to do thats fine! I know plenty of people who have pledged all for different reason. The beauty of life and being different is that I have never found enough of a reason to pledge they and maybe you have and this is just my thoughts on the subject mattter....hopefully that will avoid hearing the backlash of the stupids the real fraternity and soroity that alot of people are a part of and dont even know it..s-t-u-pee-EYE-DEE stupid yeah we stupid...anyway...

Now the hazing is a initation that is supposed to make you stronger and you have passed the line. Its also supposed to teach. Im sure that more often than not it gets done the right way. For those who do they think about?! YOU ARE IN A FRATERNITY. A SECRET GROUP THAT ONLY THE PEOPLE IN IT OR WANT TO JOIN IT CARE ABOUT! DO YOU REALLY HAVE TO BEAT SOMEBODY TO NEAR DEATH TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT HIM JOINING?! That mentality right there is the problem I have with alot of Frat brothers. They think people who care about them! The only people that do are you your brothers and the cock suckers who want to suck your cock to join and the freaks that just like being a part of something that they have nothing to do with(thats another topic for another day)

Now this next part may be offensive to some but hey whatever im not here to please anybody. I honestly think alot of guys who join Frats are insecure. I know alot of guys who may not have "fit in" in high school and when they get to college they see a window of oppturnity to join something that they will feel accecpted and a part of. What other reason would you get you ass whooped to be a part of something for?! better job oppturnities? umm thats what you are in college for in the first place..more like better sociable (sex) oppturtunites! The rest of the stuff oh yea yea thats cool to type thing a added beneifit.

I look at my friends and we been friends since forever. None of us has ever wanted to join a fraternity. I believe is because we know that we dont need random dudes beating out ass just to hang with them and do frat guy stuff. If we wanted to party we would just go to the parties they throw! I can do the same things they do on my own and still have the same friends who are all like my brothers anyway without the bullshit of the need of trying to "fit it".

I diddnt mention anything about women in this because they have different reasons for doing different things. I choose not to touch why they join because honestly I dont know! Never thought about it dont really care about it so hopefully this saves some of the S-T-U-PEE-EYE-DEE frat memebers backlash.

Monday, April 26, 2010


This title sounds like its will be a poem or something!Its actually about words and how we uses them and I beleive the hidden power in them. Since I just realized that as I typed it...maybe Ill try out a quick poem see how I do..(read the following as if you were snapping your fingers and listening to maya angelbro(my poem alter ego)) on the did I do....damn babymama number 1 turned into baby mama number 2...words...smoke..drunk...crack...words...broke...gamble..let me borrow that...damn...pawn...dollar menu..still a grown ass man and i still gotta ask my momma for money...

ok im done that was completly random and I just thought of that! anyway on to my topic that I came to share with my cult followers! I dont think people realize that words are just expressions of feelings. Well most words I dont mean like car or bike or food. Those words are just what they are but words like bad and good are just expressions of how one feels so how is it possible anyone can every really be wrong if thats how they felt?!

Some arguments are fact based and you can in fact be wrong. Things that have true emotion behind it you are never wrong but since society puts us in a box to fit in a social manner most people never express their true words about things. They hold in a lot of true feelings about things by fitting in. Then sometimes people let them out and then people say people have changed. Everybody wants honest people in this world but its designed for the most part for the honest people to be less succesful in life.

Guys do it a lot when trying to talk to a female. They may just ask a woman what she likes to do. What does she like in a man. Just so he can conform to her likes and not be what he really is. Thus deciveing the woman into thinking he is something he is not then he may get tired of putting on this front blame her leave her heartbroken when if he wouldve just been himself and showed her what he liked and they honestly got to know eachother the right way they wouldve problay been good friends at the least...instead u get a a lot of bullshit and then u get the whole women/men aint shit argument going! well if u put in place some of these things im saying then maybe it will bring a better understanding of why that argument takes place so frequently.

Now as far as cussing I use alot of what can be deemed as foul language. Fuck shit bitch hoe(well thosse two are pretty foul and I use those for foul purposes)I could go on and on...but as far as the words like Fuck or shit or any variation of that I use them for bad and good things they are interchangable and I dont see a bad thing about that.I could be in church and the preacher could be talking some good shit and I could stand up and say "Preach that shit fuck yeah" The feelings behind the words would be good but the words themselves would be bad right?! Wrong! Thats only if you dont think with you own brain. Some people may not cuss any more and think that they are doing something better. If you once called a girl bitches and hoes (the ones that are at least) and now you dont cuss and more and now you call them freaks or whatever the same feeling is there only the word changed...and you know what some people will actully say see..thats better and more accecptable! If the feeling of how you meant the word is the same then its not any better lol! people trip me out with their justifications on certain things!

Anyway I have to go to work so I may continue this later or not whatever I think I got my point across no need to write a thesis paper nobody would get it anyway...but if you do disagree agree or whatever please feel free to comment i will glady respond! ps Im feeling good as fuck this morning...I havent slept that good in a while shit I hope I can do it again cuz damn I feel like I could....well u get the idea if not I feel sorry for you dumb ass fucking people who dont shit and people like you get on my damn nerves! lol!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bitchism...the new true religion gene...

Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks....lyrics from a snoop dogg and dr dre song off the chronic album. At one point in time that was a disrespctful word now it accecptable for a compliment to alot of women! I wish it was like that back in highschool I woldve been using it alot more to a few teachers and alot of of my classmates lol!

I may joke alot and that's how I get my points and ideas across but seriously women let me tell you from a guys perspective....u will never find a man to respect you of u call yourself a bitch....u will find a man to fuck u and of that's all u wanted was some dick you can do that and actually keep the dude around after he's done by not calling yourself a bitch. I believe if you treat yourself like a bitch a dtreat u like a hoe... umm that just makes u a hoe bitch...not a classy hoe...even if he bought u gucci panties with diamond studs that still means u are a hoe bitch with nice panties!

I saw somebody put Trina lyrics up as a facebook status and it said something about being a classy hoe....I asked her what is a classy hoe?! She said for her, a women with standards and limits. Now that is fine if hoe wasn't involved in the equation! What does that mean? Bussing a nut on your face is the standard and the mouth is your limit?! If you swallow them you just a regular hoe?! (gotta save this for stand up!)

Some women even do it backwards.....fuck around for free then act like they are better then hoes! Shit at least let a guy take you to dinner and movie and then let him hit! At least then you can have a better story! You got sluts giving hoes a even worse name! This world is crazy!

Anyway, u expect niggas to hear the word bitch or hoe and then think about commitment or getting to really know you?! Nope he's not no matter what you say to convince a guy that you are not a hoe or a bitch after u said u are he will work twice as hard to prove to you that yeah you are one! Then we get left with the blame of not being shit!

Now guys have their bitchism in them too. Tricking for a treat. Making it seem like it's cool to trick and making women think it's cool to be tricked instead of treated. I'm a firm believer that dick is meant for pussy and vice versa.....all that other shit should not dictate sex! If yo man comes he late don't not give him pussy cuz of he was cheating that night it's probaly because he came home once in the past and diddnt cheat but u had a attitude and diddnt give him the pussy causing him to trick......

Well I hope I clarified some things for some people....this was a random blog that came to me as I was falling asleep . I must say this so people will not tell me no not definition of a bitch is a ride or die chick that's down for her bitches and her man....well to u I say call your bitches...your bitch ass man hop in your ride and drive into the river and drown...then I will say dammit u were right! Well I'm off to bed goodnight folks!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mattress you know what time it is room...Machine

I have big plans for my life. Some include material objects most include just learning about different things. I may say off the wall stuff (as so Im told, I think im quite normal and it comes natural). Anyway, I just dont want the average, better yet I want to change to average, for me at least. You set youself to be average and most people try to fit in a box and they normally do and they stay in that box because its comfy.. I dont want the same things people have. People get caught up in a race to have the same shit lol thats cool its fine because like I said I want nice things to but in that race everybody ends up losing out on what really makes us different and that is what really is important.

When I say I want a "mattress you know what time it is room" I really do want one lol...but I also just want people to think outside of the box. Come up with your own things. Express yourself how were put here to. I went to school for business and realized that wasnt for me. So I spent that time finding out what was good for me not what somebody else did. I like to laugh I like to make jokes corny or whatever as long as I can make myself laugh and happy I know I can make other happy. I think people take that as im stupid ignorant or immature or dont know what im talking about. Some may think I have nothing better to do. You know what I do have something..make jokes about you folks..

Im going to go and write more of this story "the chip" now. Then go to sleep I dont feel too good!

Plenty of oppturnities....

It seems that people seem to believe that the title is the other way around when in fact it isnt. I would say in reality but reality is different to every person but fact is the same just depends on what you choose to do with the facts. I have realize not from words, not from what others told me, but from my own observance of the way the world works that its not meant for everybody to make it...just for everybody to think they can make it and be succesful and live the "Amercian Dream"

Just think about this if everybody was succesful by amercias standard that would mean no jails, no police, no lawyers or judges, I could go on and on but it would take to much time but im sure you get the point. If all those people diddnt exist it would be that many less jobs right? So what would those people do? Think about that.

Now as far as the real world we live in those people do exist but still get laid off because there isnt even enough money to pay these people that this country needs. There is enough money to pay for war though..hmmmm sounds weird to me.

The U.S economy is top heavy. You have rich people with so much money cutting back on employees to save even more money. Then you have everybody else. You have celebrites, athletes, doctors, teachers, scientist or whatever that make a ton of money and have nice livings. Then you have teachers that get laid off while students drop out at enourmous rates. You also have another group of people the unemployed. These people range from all types of things from factory workers to proffesionals that business just couldnt afford to pay. Then you just have poor people who do the dirty work...cook clean retail you know make someone else rich bascially.

Now with the amount of kids that dont graduate the amount of people that dont work the amount of people that have been laid off or pay cut the amount of that work jobs with low wages and the amount of people who are homeless or bums there still isnt enough money to pay everybody so how can everybody be succesful? They cant and they wont for the simple fact that the ultra rich the business the banks the corporations will rather keep money then help others. If everybody was doing good then nobody would be doing great.

Im not wrting this to tell people not to strive to be succesful in life. Their are still plenty of oppturnities in this world for people to have good paying jobs and be able to take care of themselves and their families. Their are plenty of people that when one door closes they know how to kick it down. The problem is its not enough money to go around if everybody were to be this way.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Political views: Obama Time for change.. my 50cents

I see and hear this alot especially amongst my black negro colored african amercian or whatever you chose to call yourself on senseless report. Anyway, I hear alot of people say they political views are obama. On facebook you see that! WTF does that mean? How can your political views be a person?! I want to ask these people other questions just to get a laugh! imagine asking a person "what are your views on global warming" and they say the sun! "what are your views on infidelity?" and their answer is tiger woods! Im sad for my generation of people. My goal is to help the ones under me because these ignorant bastards just have no hope..

Im not a politician only a guy with a opinion on the goverenment...that makes me more of a terroist. I dont think Obama has done too much of anything. I am being patient and waiting to see what will happen and give him time, but so far I see no way that he can fix anything for the better of the citizens of this country so far. Imagaine this, say you bought land and paid a company to build you a nice house and they said this land is fucked up..i mean reall fucked up.. the person who had this land before didnt care about it...he just pissed all over it..drove his suv though the grass and buried all his dead hookers here. Its going to take 4 years to fix it. You say "thats find Ill see you in 4 years" You decide to go check on your house and it been 3 years and 6 months and he just stared to did up the dirt...would you be pissed? Thats how I fell about Obama. I dont even think he fixed or has started to fix any problem in this counrty and frankly doesnt think he can or any president can

What has Obama really done for anybody? We have the healthcare reform...thats cool but for a country that is set up and designed for people to succeed on their own that doesnt seem like a smart move. I know people need it. I know it cost money. I also know that if you give people things like that it motivates people to do less in their own life. Also I think in order to recieve the health care you will have to sing away alot more of your rights that will be revealed in the future...

Obama has also given us tax credits and extended umployment. Two things that will motivate people to do less and also gives people less hope of finding a job. You keep telling people that I will increase jobs and then give away more unemployment mone that will have to be paid back someway somehow as well with the tax credits. It like giving a crackhead celebrity more and more credit...then 10 years down the road they are in debt and still on crack. Its not really going to help at all.

to be continued....gotta go to work!

Fast food and Text messaging

Fast food and text messaging (mentality I hade to add that for the slow folks out here. I dont want to discriminate my thoughts lol) is fucking up everything! There are other forms of technology that has improved speed in our daily lives but have messed up the things that need time. Im 23 ok and I remember the vhs days, the I had to go in the house to call somebody days and wait for somebody to get off the house phone days. The days when cell phones had minutes. Where fast food was more of a treat or a break from cooking not a everyday thing. Now, its all bad.....

I am a beliver that fast food and text messaging (mentality) has made people impatient without even knowing it. I know people want their food fast but damn its like its such a norm that people expect everything in life to be fast. Its ok and cool for some things to be fast and efficient but others...people have forgotten the beauty of patience and what it will bring.

Just think about it if you get every thing you see on tv is advertised as being fast. Grow your plants faster and biger. Grow your penis faster and bigger. Netflix dvds by mail in 2 days.Then its countless "want to know more? visit our website" We have text, facebook and countable other ways to get in contact with people in a instant. 3g 4g all types of shit to get you connected to the world faster. These things are all cool trust me I love technology and embrace it...It just patience should be learned 1st because the best things in life take time.

Just think about this im sure things like this have happened to all of you at some point. Have you ever been at work and somebody text or called you. Now before I had a cell phone or even when I first got one it was limited minutes and text so people used that shit wisely lol. People used to be counting minutes like carbs....they had minute rehab and all types of shit but today its unlimited everything! So now if somebody text you and you dont respond in a untimely fashoin..then the next text is "u busy" "i guess u ignoring me" "its cool call me on your break" "see i knew u wasnt shit" "im on my way up there" "nevermind u aint worth it" Im at work busy damn call u later " ok ok im sorry" I mean things like that have happend to me before in the past and when I get a chance to look at my phone it was like a 10 minutetimespan that those messages were sent. Im sure everybody has experienced a similar situation. Just because the messages are instant doesnt meant people have to resond instanly!

OK, now that I got that off my chest I think that fast food and text messaging has ruined realtionships. Only for younger generation people I mean. Older folks even the ones that use phones and eat fast food diddnt do it as much as the newer generation does. They have a understanding of what patience is and when things need to be faster and when things need to have more time to be more useful and understood better. I say they ruined realtionship cuz I swear people fall in love in a instant! Its a lot of fast food realtionships out here....get ya shit quick eat it then fuck ya stomach up a few hours later. Then people out here crying about men aint shit women aint shit..when they diddnt even take the time to know a person b4 they fell in "love".

I think that we need to teach a class on patience in school. Just sit kids down and make them grow plants or something. You got people who come out of college and are angry all the time because they are broke! You in school what do you expect to be. They are mad because they see older people who are more successful and get mad because they want those things and forget they are working toward it. The patience factor is why alot of people get mad over things they see other people with that they wish to obtain. Money, cars, nice houses, good realtionships and great marriages good kids and just about all the good shit in life comes to people with patience. Even people who hit the lottery..patient gotta be to play the lottery every damn day lol and hope to win!

I must say this is because you always get the one person who says shit like "uh uh you aint talking bout me I text and eat fast food and I love my boyfriend we bout to get married soon....I even drive the speed limit" Im not talking about everybody just the people who do it!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Future Ghetto "the chip" my version of 1984 segment one

The year is 2050. Technology has advanced beyond human control. Robots and computers now watch our every move. They create our schedules. They tell us what to eat when to sleep and we even have chips that regualtes our bodies to tell us when to shit and piss so that we are more efficient during work hours. Our kids dont know us they only know what the chips allow us to say. Thats for the "regular" soceity. The a tottaly different story.

I imagine a future where the ghetto is still the ghetto. A more advanced ghetto though. Guns have been banned. They are sold like nuceler weapons.It is very rare that you hear about somebody being shot. You had to be a rich food smuggler in order to even own a gun.(Food smugglers replaced drug dealers because drugs are now legal) Bullets are even harder to find. That doesnt stop the ghetto folks. They found a way to make bullets out of a computer program. 4D bullets is what they called them. You could shoot a nigga with them and it seemed so real that they died...or at least they thought they did.

In this future ghetto world drugs are not even considered drugs anymore. The goverenment just renamed them energy substances (go figure). They found a way to refine crack to not put people though withdrawl. Heroine was considered a delicacy. If you saw somebody shooting up you would suck their dick thats how rare it was because it was so expensive. People were no longer called crackheads. The government redefined it as energy abusers.

Cigarettes went out of business. As soon as marijuana was legalized back in 2020 cigarettes stock fell in a week filed for bankruptcy in two r and they owners of the corportations were out selling cigarettes for food on the freeway in three.

There was a double edge sword to legalizing drugs. The goverenment had a substance that if you brok other laws the negative effects of drugs trippled. Withdrawls cold sweats dick sucking...all got trippled. Get caught without your mental liscense (more on that later) which happened alot in the ghetto, they automatically deducted money from your chip that was implanted in you. In the ghetto they also gave you that substance that the ghetto folks remnamed "dat shit". Then they followed it with a dose of crack cocaine in its purest form. See when your body is used to one thing and you give it another it starts messing with you real bad. Since they had everything hooked up to chips after they give you this drug they put you in a virtual world and have you sucking all types of digital dicks for more crack..they essentially set us back 100 years...again....this is life in the future ghetto

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ghetto logic....da good da bad da ghetto

Let me start by saying I do not wish to offend anybody. The ghetto the hood whatever you want to call it has spawned plenty of sucesful people. The ghetto does not make the people the people make the ghetto. I am only referring to the people i'm reffering to. Please remember we all may have a little ghetto in all of us!

Why does all thug niggas in the hood want to be shot? They don't only want to be shot they want to be shot and survive! What kind of sense does that make? Does a sports player want to get s torn miniscus on purpose and survive?! If they want to be shot so bad why don't they shoot themselves and say they got robbed....that would be like a and 1 in the ghetto world!

Is this just my thought or do ghetto folks fight not to win a fight but just to prove that "dey ain't no hoe"?! I'm serious, I've heard or seen so many fight that couldve been avoided and the problem be resolved if they just umm actually tool the time
to talk about the problem. It's even situations where a ghetto person may get into a fight or argument with somebody that isn't ghetto and the other person doesn't even know what they did! While the person just ask " what are you talking about?"
the ghetto person just says" oh you know what you did. U must think I'm a hoe!" never understood that...

Money!!!! Money money money money money!!! These ghetto folks don't know Jack shit about money! You want to know what ghetto people like more then having money?!?!?!?! Making people think they have money! The thing is everybody knows they don't! They will spend money of some bullshit and say (this is their favorite thing to say when they are broke but don't want people to know and they got it
from rappers) "ITS NOTHING!!!" when a ghetto person tell you it's nothing it's like lighting to thunder u can countdown that their phone will
be off in a couple of days! It's nothing is their favorite thing to say when it's something usually something important!

"aight look dis wit happened. My boy cheated on his girl. My girl and his girl are eachothers bitches and datsy nigga right. So dis nigga go tell ol girl dat I fucked dis other girl im like awww man nigga why u tell ol girl dat I though u was my boy! He like my bad my nigga fuck these hoes I'm like hell yea so we went and fucked some hoes...den ol girl
called like where u at I'm like I'm wit my boy she said u lying nigga cuz my cousing boy said that dat nigga at work..naw he got fired shit oh u coming over tonight? Yea let me see if ol
boy can get me a ride to ol girl house and u meet me there. U feel me cuz?!.........that was a ghetto story and the lack of names...or story...I have been subjected to stories like that. The bad part is of u ask for names u would rather them go back to using boy and girl cuz u can pronounce half of em unless u have a ghetto accent!

Shoes...ghetto niggas have to have on good shoes. Their gear could be bummy but they have on some good shoes. If their shoes are beat up watch out cuz they will be eyeing yours!!!(I know I got robbed b4 lol) Ias a matter of fact ghetto folks whole clothing situation is just backwards thinking. They have to work in jordans look for job interviews in rocawear and call resum├Ęs resumes (I've heard it b4) ghetto folks also put their good clothes on....just to sit on the porch and think somebody is hating on them! The ghetto is full of imaginary haters! They create their own haters from their own ghetoness!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What is the real in between...

I wish I had all the anwers in life. Instead Ive been blessed with all the questions! Its okay because Im not afraid of looking for the answers or what they may be. I have this personal theory they we live a false reality. We all may see blue as blue and red as red. The law is the law water is water and life is life but it seems that all these simple things as well as more complex things have a deeper meaning per person. These few thoughts are just something to give people to think about.

So yesterday I had a thought that stemmed from my personal life. The thought was "people get used to having things, people get used to not having there a real in between?" (I feel kinda bad for putting the title in the blog..I hate when they fit that in movies...anyway) I believe that the inbetween is what reality really is, everything else are taught false emotions that lead to attachments to certain enviroments or a feeling of comfort.

The social dichotomy of people that have and people that dont is intresting to me. You have people that have a TON of money. Some are cheap and could wipe their ass with money soak the money and use it again to wipe the next time. You have rich families that run corpotions and no matter how much they spend they will never go broke. You have rich people that not only go broke but they go in debt! How does that happen?

On the other side of the spectrum you have people in the hood that dont know the meaning of money. These people will rob to go broke. Their only goal is to get money to spend money. You got folks bride card balling (ever seen a overweight broke person?! yea confuses me to) Its people in the hood that could care less about leaving the hood and some that want to try to change to hood (good luck with that)

I could go deeper into what im trying to say but this is just a blog not a class. I just share things with you so maybe if people are intrested in what I think about we can kick it about it in more detail. Im at a point in my life where im trying to find that in between because I feel that is what reality really is. When having or not having doesnt even matter because you what you do have and what you dont have doesnt make you happy! I dont have all the answers only questions and thoughts. I hope this post may have brought up some thoughts so you can think and find the answers yourself!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

limited by popular demand......part 1

All races in this country do different things. Some try other things outside of the norm and like it some dont. Some dont try new things at all and only stick with what they know. If you only stick with what you know how will we ever learn?! I am a black man but Im speaking to all races. I try not to limit myself by what a black person does or doesnt do becuase then we are LIMITED BY POPULAR DEMAND!

Now before I get started let me say I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT EVERYBODY IM TALKING ABOUT THE PEOPLE IM TALKING ABOUT! I hate when you are making a point about certain things and that one idiot has to be make it known that EVERYBODY doesnt do it just because they have nothing intelligent to add ex: person a:U know all black people eat chicken..esp fried with hot sauce...person b: uh-uh dat aint truf i dont eat chicken my mama dont eat chicken my daddy dont eat chicken...JUST THOUGHT ILL PUT THAT THOUGHT OUT THERE B4 I CONTINUE!

The worse case scenio for blacks and black populated areas is fucking up by doing black people shit! Whats black people shit?! the shit that only black people can do..but in reality white people mexican people chinese people do everybody does basically...we just get profiled different ways for it! Thats what black people shit it and white people shit and so on! Its all a thought not a action! Shit, if you ask me Chinese people are the craziest...they kill for anything..(Insert chinese voice here) YOUUUUU took the last piece of cheescake?! that was my we MUST fight! TO THE DEATH!

Anywho back to the point! ummm oh folks are limited by a set thing of what black people are supposed to differs from how you were raised or where you were raised but if you were raised in the hood then you will know what I mean. Loitering is black people shit..esp in the hood...some people think its cool to be seen outside a liquor store or barbershop everyday talking to the same bastards everyday..everybody knows their name they got the hookup on some bullshit and they are happy like that...then some lil black folks look up to some of them..they are limited by whats popular in their area! follow me now?! people are scared of credit...Im starting to think black people fuck up credit on purpose just so they can use that as a excuse! I work in the hood and they say they alot...SHIT U KNOW WE AINT GOT GOOD CREDIT! no actually I diddnt know that cuz I dont know u!

Clothes...ever been to a store and and they had a urban section or a store that had urban in the name? Ever seen a store that had suburban in the name?! nope?! me neither..urban is another name for black...u dont have to specify white..cuz its the norm! since we live in urban areas...we are automatically going to buy urban clothes to keep us in the urban area! kinda weird when u think about it...and dont dress like u shopped in a sub-urban store...then say u are dressing like a white boy! Ive seen people say they are going job hunting in suburban areas in urban clothes not knowing that..u wont even get application dressed like that! niggas would rather look cool for they niggas and hoodrats then to actually dress like they want a job! back to selling dirtbags of weed it is...

well i will continue this later becuase I am on daddy duty right now and I have to get ready for work...continued later..look for part two ummm probaly tomorow!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Self anylizing is the hardest thing to do.....

Self anylyzing is hardest thing to do....we as humans are so quick to judge someone! But we don't even realize the shit that makes us the angriest is the shit that we ourselvs do! You can cheat on your girl as much as u want to....the second u find a nigga callin her u be tripping...who dat? It's the pizza man damn u just ordered it baby! don't let him find out u gave up the pussy to another nigga...."u gave my pussy to another nigga?! Bitch is u crazy? I knew u was a hoe the pussy was top damn good...u diddnt learn how to suck dick that good from watching porn!" How many other nigga u fuck? Tony? That nigga u work with? Yea I know u fucked that nigga cuz eveytime u I pick u up from work yall laughing and smiling and shit...all the while u texting your freak on the side making sure your phone is facing u so your girl can't see....self anylyzing is the hardest shit to do...most shit people hate is shit that they only wish they could do or get! Every saw a parking spot at the mall or wherever and u are two ailes over u are trying to get to it and u get every obstacle possible
To get in your way...then when u get there somebody just waltz in your spot?! U get mad at them for doing the same shit u were trying to do! What about the last piece of chicken...let me
Say good chicken left at family
Gatherings....cuz u know it's always that deformed piece of chicken that doesn't have a name everybody picked thru...anyway...that last piece left and everybody were trying to be polite and let someone else get it...then someone else gets it... Now u all mad cuz somebody did the same shit your punk ass diddnt do! know that that has happened to me before! Yes I was a punk ass before we all have had our punk ass moments in life it's the ones that self anylyze who can not have those punk ass moments next time I see the last piece I'm taking it!

Well the purpose of this
Entry was hopefully that next time u are driving and stuck in a traffic jam u don't get pissed just realize u are just one many of one...and u think about me laugh turn off your radio turn on your phone and look at my blog until traffic moves!   

P.s I types this on my phone diddnt feel like pulling out laptop I'll correct all mistakes later this was random thoughts that popped in my head and just had to let them go while they were fresh!

My 1st blog

hmmmm, how do I start my 1st blog?! This is hard because Im not a celebrity so nobody really gives a crap about my daily life! I guess Ill just start it off by telling about myself personally, where Im at in my life, where I plan on going, and where I see myself in umm lets say 4-5 years!

Well, my name is Martin Webster (thats where the M.Dubya came from for the less fortunate thinkers out there). Im 23 years old and am lost in life! Thats not a bad thing to me either. Some people get lost in life and panic, im lost because its so much to enjoy im taking my time enjoying life instead of stressing about the things that make life life!

I have a 15 mundt (month) old son named Jordan! I never thought I would be a babies daddy let alone a father but hey u can eat healthy your whole life but shit still happens...u just gotta make sure u wipe good! umm anway I love my son and enjoy learing how to take care of his life while figuring out mine.

I love my family....they are funny weird and diverse and that is what makes them special...we are a rare breed where at dinner we will have quiche, duck, ham, fried chicken, spaghetti, tabouli, lochness monster tail, and dino eggs...and yes we are as diverse and rare as our food!

I work as a pizza guy, man, boy whatever. I do everything in the store cook clean deliver and most importanly talk shit to customers...whats good customer service if they leave with the same ignorannce they walked/called in with?! its up to me to get them together because working in detroit these folks dont know how to be a good customer.

I think I finally know what I want to do as a career. I want to get into film production. I want to write, direct, cast do all of that. I love movies and tv but feel they are getting a little stale. I want to come up with original stories that hopefully people find as funny or intruging as I do.

In 4-5 years...I see myself in the same place I see myself everyday and in the next 5 minutes because I have to get ready for work and thats the mirror...the better question is where will u see me at?! I hope u all enjoyed my 1st blog and hope that u all have a good day and great to voluntary involuntary paid slavery!