Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What is the real in between...

I wish I had all the anwers in life. Instead Ive been blessed with all the questions! Its okay because Im not afraid of looking for the answers or what they may be. I have this personal theory they we live a false reality. We all may see blue as blue and red as red. The law is the law water is water and life is life but it seems that all these simple things as well as more complex things have a deeper meaning per person. These few thoughts are just something to give people to think about.

So yesterday I had a thought that stemmed from my personal life. The thought was "people get used to having things, people get used to not having things...is there a real in between?" (I feel kinda bad for putting the title in the blog..I hate when they fit that in movies...anyway) I believe that the inbetween is what reality really is, everything else are taught false emotions that lead to attachments to certain enviroments or a feeling of comfort.

The social dichotomy of people that have and people that dont is intresting to me. You have people that have a TON of money. Some are cheap and could wipe their ass with money soak the money and use it again to wipe the next time. You have rich families that run corpotions and no matter how much they spend they will never go broke. You have rich people that not only go broke but they go in debt! How does that happen?

On the other side of the spectrum you have people in the hood that dont know the meaning of money. These people will rob to go broke. Their only goal is to get money to spend money. You got folks bride card balling (ever seen a overweight broke person?! yea confuses me to) Its people in the hood that could care less about leaving the hood and some that want to try to change to hood (good luck with that)

I could go deeper into what im trying to say but this is just a blog not a class. I just share things with you so maybe if people are intrested in what I think about we can kick it about it in more detail. Im at a point in my life where im trying to find that in between because I feel that is what reality really is. When having or not having doesnt even matter because you what you do have and what you dont have doesnt make you happy! I dont have all the answers only questions and thoughts. I hope this post may have brought up some thoughts so you can think and find the answers yourself!

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