Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mattress you know what time it is room...Machine

I have big plans for my life. Some include material objects most include just learning about different things. I may say off the wall stuff (as so Im told, I think im quite normal and it comes natural). Anyway, I just dont want the average, better yet I want to change to average, for me at least. You set youself to be average and most people try to fit in a box and they normally do and they stay in that box because its comfy.. I dont want the same things people have. People get caught up in a race to have the same shit lol thats cool its fine because like I said I want nice things to but in that race everybody ends up losing out on what really makes us different and that is what really is important.

When I say I want a "mattress you know what time it is room" I really do want one lol...but I also just want people to think outside of the box. Come up with your own things. Express yourself how were put here to. I went to school for business and realized that wasnt for me. So I spent that time finding out what was good for me not what somebody else did. I like to laugh I like to make jokes corny or whatever as long as I can make myself laugh and happy I know I can make other happy. I think people take that as im stupid ignorant or immature or dont know what im talking about. Some may think I have nothing better to do. You know what I do have something..make jokes about you folks..

Im going to go and write more of this story "the chip" now. Then go to sleep I dont feel too good!

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