Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Plenty of oppturnities....

It seems that people seem to believe that the title is the other way around when in fact it isnt. I would say in reality but reality is different to every person but fact is the same just depends on what you choose to do with the facts. I have realize not from words, not from what others told me, but from my own observance of the way the world works that its not meant for everybody to make it...just for everybody to think they can make it and be succesful and live the "Amercian Dream"

Just think about this if everybody was succesful by amercias standard that would mean no jails, no police, no lawyers or judges, I could go on and on but it would take to much time but im sure you get the point. If all those people diddnt exist it would be that many less jobs right? So what would those people do? Think about that.

Now as far as the real world we live in those people do exist but still get laid off because there isnt even enough money to pay these people that this country needs. There is enough money to pay for war though..hmmmm sounds weird to me.

The U.S economy is top heavy. You have rich people with so much money cutting back on employees to save even more money. Then you have everybody else. You have celebrites, athletes, doctors, teachers, scientist or whatever that make a ton of money and have nice livings. Then you have teachers that get laid off while students drop out at enourmous rates. You also have another group of people the unemployed. These people range from all types of things from factory workers to proffesionals that business just couldnt afford to pay. Then you just have poor people who do the dirty work...cook clean retail you know make someone else rich bascially.

Now with the amount of kids that dont graduate the amount of people that dont work the amount of people that have been laid off or pay cut the amount of that work jobs with low wages and the amount of people who are homeless or bums there still isnt enough money to pay everybody so how can everybody be succesful? They cant and they wont for the simple fact that the ultra rich the business the banks the corporations will rather keep money then help others. If everybody was doing good then nobody would be doing great.

Im not wrting this to tell people not to strive to be succesful in life. Their are still plenty of oppturnities in this world for people to have good paying jobs and be able to take care of themselves and their families. Their are plenty of people that when one door closes they know how to kick it down. The problem is its not enough money to go around if everybody were to be this way.

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