Friday, April 9, 2010

Self anylizing is the hardest thing to do.....

Self anylyzing is hardest thing to do....we as humans are so quick to judge someone! But we don't even realize the shit that makes us the angriest is the shit that we ourselvs do! You can cheat on your girl as much as u want to....the second u find a nigga callin her u be tripping...who dat? It's the pizza man damn u just ordered it baby! don't let him find out u gave up the pussy to another nigga...."u gave my pussy to another nigga?! Bitch is u crazy? I knew u was a hoe the pussy was top damn good...u diddnt learn how to suck dick that good from watching porn!" How many other nigga u fuck? Tony? That nigga u work with? Yea I know u fucked that nigga cuz eveytime u I pick u up from work yall laughing and smiling and shit...all the while u texting your freak on the side making sure your phone is facing u so your girl can't see....self anylyzing is the hardest shit to do...most shit people hate is shit that they only wish they could do or get! Every saw a parking spot at the mall or wherever and u are two ailes over u are trying to get to it and u get every obstacle possible
To get in your way...then when u get there somebody just waltz in your spot?! U get mad at them for doing the same shit u were trying to do! What about the last piece of chicken...let me
Say good chicken left at family
Gatherings....cuz u know it's always that deformed piece of chicken that doesn't have a name everybody picked thru...anyway...that last piece left and everybody were trying to be polite and let someone else get it...then someone else gets it... Now u all mad cuz somebody did the same shit your punk ass diddnt do! know that that has happened to me before! Yes I was a punk ass before we all have had our punk ass moments in life it's the ones that self anylyze who can not have those punk ass moments next time I see the last piece I'm taking it!

Well the purpose of this
Entry was hopefully that next time u are driving and stuck in a traffic jam u don't get pissed just realize u are just one many of one...and u think about me laugh turn off your radio turn on your phone and look at my blog until traffic moves!   

P.s I types this on my phone diddnt feel like pulling out laptop I'll correct all mistakes later this was random thoughts that popped in my head and just had to let them go while they were fresh!

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