Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ghetto logic....da good da bad da ghetto

Let me start by saying I do not wish to offend anybody. The ghetto the hood whatever you want to call it has spawned plenty of sucesful people. The ghetto does not make the people the people make the ghetto. I am only referring to the people i'm reffering to. Please remember we all may have a little ghetto in all of us!

Why does all thug niggas in the hood want to be shot? They don't only want to be shot they want to be shot and survive! What kind of sense does that make? Does a sports player want to get s torn miniscus on purpose and survive?! If they want to be shot so bad why don't they shoot themselves and say they got robbed....that would be like a and 1 in the ghetto world!

Is this just my thought or do ghetto folks fight not to win a fight but just to prove that "dey ain't no hoe"?! I'm serious, I've heard or seen so many fight that couldve been avoided and the problem be resolved if they just umm actually tool the time
to talk about the problem. It's even situations where a ghetto person may get into a fight or argument with somebody that isn't ghetto and the other person doesn't even know what they did! While the person just ask " what are you talking about?"
the ghetto person just says" oh you know what you did. U must think I'm a hoe!" never understood that...

Money!!!! Money money money money money!!! These ghetto folks don't know Jack shit about money! You want to know what ghetto people like more then having money?!?!?!?! Making people think they have money! The thing is everybody knows they don't! They will spend money of some bullshit and say (this is their favorite thing to say when they are broke but don't want people to know and they got it
from rappers) "ITS NOTHING!!!" when a ghetto person tell you it's nothing it's like lighting to thunder u can countdown that their phone will
be off in a couple of days! It's nothing is their favorite thing to say when it's something usually something important!

"aight look dis wit happened. My boy cheated on his girl. My girl and his girl are eachothers bitches and datsy nigga right. So dis nigga go tell ol girl dat I fucked dis other girl im like awww man nigga why u tell ol girl dat I though u was my boy! He like my bad my nigga fuck these hoes I'm like hell yea so we went and fucked some hoes...den ol girl
called like where u at I'm like I'm wit my boy she said u lying nigga cuz my cousing boy said that dat nigga at work..naw he got fired shit oh u coming over tonight? Yea let me see if ol
boy can get me a ride to ol girl house and u meet me there. U feel me cuz?!.........that was a ghetto story and the lack of names...or story...I have been subjected to stories like that. The bad part is of u ask for names u would rather them go back to using boy and girl cuz u can pronounce half of em unless u have a ghetto accent!

Shoes...ghetto niggas have to have on good shoes. Their gear could be bummy but they have on some good shoes. If their shoes are beat up watch out cuz they will be eyeing yours!!!(I know I got robbed b4 lol) Ias a matter of fact ghetto folks whole clothing situation is just backwards thinking. They have to work in jordans look for job interviews in rocawear and call resum├Ęs resumes (I've heard it b4) ghetto folks also put their good clothes on....just to sit on the porch and think somebody is hating on them! The ghetto is full of imaginary haters! They create their own haters from their own ghetoness!


  1. This is a good one. I can relate once again about ppl dressing for interviews/applying for jobs. I was in management at the bank and OMG I couldn't believe how some ppl came in, I don't think so. You talking another something that makes no sense at all... the have been two different occasions that I seen ppl set up bbq grills in front of houses that were empty then some ppl sitting on the porch if a house that was for rent. WTF?!

  2. Lmao! Iove this. And I agree.... But as soon as you call the
    ghetto, they get offended. I've never understood why ghetto people get mad at people like me. I don't have to say anything to them, and they say that they don't like me!!!!! Ummm. You can get your shit together, just like me

  3. Ha Haaaa! Me being the Jordan guy I am can't stand when people where Jordan's to work! Speaking of that you wore MY FAVORITE PAIR of Jordan's to work and dogged them out!

  4. I messed these up hooping in them first. Then after that I wore them to work. They were my most comfortable hoop shoes I had.

  5. i t hink nigga be like that about shoes because thats the 1st thing bitches look at. Im in the car wash yesterday wit my work clothes on...paint and all. I speak and b4 she even peak back she looked me up and down. Then of course, shot me down. Prime example. I want a nice pair of shoes cuz thats what i like. And i am that nigga that doesnt care how he dresses for the most part. If i aint accepted as i am then the bitch wasnt good enuf for me anyway.
    And nigga u knw everybody wanna be hard. Niggas cant walk away from a fight and still feel like a man. Peer pressure and 50 cent got des niggas feeling untouchable. Knowing they wouldnt bust a grape in a fruit-fight.
    AS far as money comes and it goes....end of discussion. Imaginary players are inevitable. I really think it all boils down to bitches...str8 up. Its all for the sistas and bitches bro. Stunting, rims, cars, "stacks" i guess ppl get the feeling they have something to prove. Not to themselves or to their families but to you....the main muthafuka who can care less about what a nigga doing. I need to get me a blog. Ant Dobb