Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fast food and Text messaging

Fast food and text messaging (mentality I hade to add that for the slow folks out here. I dont want to discriminate my thoughts lol) is fucking up everything! There are other forms of technology that has improved speed in our daily lives but have messed up the things that need time. Im 23 ok and I remember the vhs days, the I had to go in the house to call somebody days and wait for somebody to get off the house phone days. The days when cell phones had minutes. Where fast food was more of a treat or a break from cooking not a everyday thing. Now, its all bad.....

I am a beliver that fast food and text messaging (mentality) has made people impatient without even knowing it. I know people want their food fast but damn its like its such a norm that people expect everything in life to be fast. Its ok and cool for some things to be fast and efficient but others...people have forgotten the beauty of patience and what it will bring.

Just think about it if you get every thing you see on tv is advertised as being fast. Grow your plants faster and biger. Grow your penis faster and bigger. Netflix dvds by mail in 2 days.Then its countless "want to know more? visit our website" We have text, facebook and countable other ways to get in contact with people in a instant. 3g 4g all types of shit to get you connected to the world faster. These things are all cool trust me I love technology and embrace it...It just patience should be learned 1st because the best things in life take time.

Just think about this im sure things like this have happened to all of you at some point. Have you ever been at work and somebody text or called you. Now before I had a cell phone or even when I first got one it was limited minutes and text so people used that shit wisely lol. People used to be counting minutes like carbs....they had minute rehab and all types of shit but today its unlimited everything! So now if somebody text you and you dont respond in a untimely fashoin..then the next text is "u busy" "i guess u ignoring me" "its cool call me on your break" "see i knew u wasnt shit" "im on my way up there" "nevermind u aint worth it" Im at work busy damn call u later " ok ok im sorry" I mean things like that have happend to me before in the past and when I get a chance to look at my phone it was like a 10 minutetimespan that those messages were sent. Im sure everybody has experienced a similar situation. Just because the messages are instant doesnt meant people have to resond instanly!

OK, now that I got that off my chest I think that fast food and text messaging has ruined realtionships. Only for younger generation people I mean. Older folks even the ones that use phones and eat fast food diddnt do it as much as the newer generation does. They have a understanding of what patience is and when things need to be faster and when things need to have more time to be more useful and understood better. I say they ruined realtionship cuz I swear people fall in love in a instant! Its a lot of fast food realtionships out here....get ya shit quick eat it then fuck ya stomach up a few hours later. Then people out here crying about men aint shit women aint shit..when they diddnt even take the time to know a person b4 they fell in "love".

I think that we need to teach a class on patience in school. Just sit kids down and make them grow plants or something. You got people who come out of college and are angry all the time because they are broke! You in school what do you expect to be. They are mad because they see older people who are more successful and get mad because they want those things and forget they are working toward it. The patience factor is why alot of people get mad over things they see other people with that they wish to obtain. Money, cars, nice houses, good realtionships and great marriages good kids and just about all the good shit in life comes to people with patience. Even people who hit the lottery..patient people..you gotta be to play the lottery every damn day lol and hope to win!

I must say this is because you always get the one person who says shit like "uh uh you aint talking bout me I text and eat fast food and I love my boyfriend we bout to get married soon....I even drive the speed limit" Im not talking about everybody just the people who do it!

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