Monday, April 26, 2010


This title sounds like its will be a poem or something!Its actually about words and how we uses them and I beleive the hidden power in them. Since I just realized that as I typed it...maybe Ill try out a quick poem see how I do..(read the following as if you were snapping your fingers and listening to maya angelbro(my poem alter ego)) on the did I do....damn babymama number 1 turned into baby mama number 2...words...smoke..drunk...crack...words...broke...gamble..let me borrow that...damn...pawn...dollar menu..still a grown ass man and i still gotta ask my momma for money...

ok im done that was completly random and I just thought of that! anyway on to my topic that I came to share with my cult followers! I dont think people realize that words are just expressions of feelings. Well most words I dont mean like car or bike or food. Those words are just what they are but words like bad and good are just expressions of how one feels so how is it possible anyone can every really be wrong if thats how they felt?!

Some arguments are fact based and you can in fact be wrong. Things that have true emotion behind it you are never wrong but since society puts us in a box to fit in a social manner most people never express their true words about things. They hold in a lot of true feelings about things by fitting in. Then sometimes people let them out and then people say people have changed. Everybody wants honest people in this world but its designed for the most part for the honest people to be less succesful in life.

Guys do it a lot when trying to talk to a female. They may just ask a woman what she likes to do. What does she like in a man. Just so he can conform to her likes and not be what he really is. Thus deciveing the woman into thinking he is something he is not then he may get tired of putting on this front blame her leave her heartbroken when if he wouldve just been himself and showed her what he liked and they honestly got to know eachother the right way they wouldve problay been good friends at the least...instead u get a a lot of bullshit and then u get the whole women/men aint shit argument going! well if u put in place some of these things im saying then maybe it will bring a better understanding of why that argument takes place so frequently.

Now as far as cussing I use alot of what can be deemed as foul language. Fuck shit bitch hoe(well thosse two are pretty foul and I use those for foul purposes)I could go on and on...but as far as the words like Fuck or shit or any variation of that I use them for bad and good things they are interchangable and I dont see a bad thing about that.I could be in church and the preacher could be talking some good shit and I could stand up and say "Preach that shit fuck yeah" The feelings behind the words would be good but the words themselves would be bad right?! Wrong! Thats only if you dont think with you own brain. Some people may not cuss any more and think that they are doing something better. If you once called a girl bitches and hoes (the ones that are at least) and now you dont cuss and more and now you call them freaks or whatever the same feeling is there only the word changed...and you know what some people will actully say see..thats better and more accecptable! If the feeling of how you meant the word is the same then its not any better lol! people trip me out with their justifications on certain things!

Anyway I have to go to work so I may continue this later or not whatever I think I got my point across no need to write a thesis paper nobody would get it anyway...but if you do disagree agree or whatever please feel free to comment i will glady respond! ps Im feeling good as fuck this morning...I havent slept that good in a while shit I hope I can do it again cuz damn I feel like I could....well u get the idea if not I feel sorry for you dumb ass fucking people who dont shit and people like you get on my damn nerves! lol!


  1. I would like to add that if you really want to know what someone is trying to say try to understand the feelings behind the word not just the meaning of the word....communcation would probaly be alot better and easier and less confusion!

  2. You are crazy! I'm absolutely loving the poem! Lol yea communication... good communication is needed in any relationship. I'm so tired of these fake ass people that gotta lie to kick it or like u said trying to conform to what others like or think is right shiit (Clay Davis voice) just be real! Where all the real muthafuckas at???