Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How To fix Detroit....

I am from Detroit. I love my city. This is home this is where I grew up and I grew up at the right time. I learned a good amount of street smarts school smarts and just a overall amount of smarts. (I know that sounded stupid but I couldnt think of a better way to put it) I know that this city gets a bad reputation in this city as well around the country. Detroit is no longer classified as being fucked up...is just classified as being Detroit....which is fucked up! Anyway as messed up as this city is I think I have a few ideas that may help bring the city back.

Now I have been to a few different cities in the Unites States and when I visit them I try to visit the neighborhoods or the hoods. Its "hoods" all around the country and its not a Detroit thing. What is a Detroit thing is we dont care about our hoods. We dont care about eachother. How do you fix this. Get rid of em...harsh but true. Im not saying if people are living in their house come and get rid of them. I am saying make laws and enforce them to take care of their house and lawn. We have traffic units to give out traffic tickets...create a unit to go around and give tickets to muthafuckas with roaches and no doorknobs on their houses. Give out grants to fix the houses thats occupied and if they dont keep them up fine them. It will create jobs and give people a reason to not spend their money on tickets but on their house that will then help them take more value in their home. They dont like it..fuck em kick them out and give the house to somebody who cares. They way we can turn the hoods to neighborhoods....same niggas different mentality..better results

Next problem which is a major problem is the school system. We have such a low graduation rate that more people graduate from wayne state then out high schools combined. Nobody goes to school. I would start my legalizing marijuana. That would bring so many tax incentinves to the area. Damn near everybody smokes it anyway regualate it and make money off it. It will stop these young bastards from selling weed at gas stations. As a matter of fact make a weed incentive in high schools. You do so good you can blaze up. Lets create a weed liscense! You have to have a certain eduacation level and pass a test in order to smoke. Just make it harder then the driving test becaue its too many people who have can drive but cant drive. I mean weed isnt a drug anyway its a plant...thats another topic for another day anyway.

Next thing would help school as well. That is parents. Parents need to be help accountable for their kids not going to school. If their kids dont go to school they should be fined. If parents start losing money based on their kids actions them bastard will be in school everyday. If they kids are that wild and still dont go to school....send them to army no questions asked. Dont just let kids run around getting into crimes! If kids arent graduation in school they arent getting jobs. If they are not getting jobs you know they are either a: living off their parents or B: doing some sort of hustle to get money. Just eliminate those options and say you dont want to go to school..ok fine handcuff them take them to army or circus or somethings..doesnt make me a diffence as long as the majority of kids start going to school. Sorry if this sounds harsh but conventinal methods wont and dont work here....plus these bastards dont care about themselves anyway if they did they wouldve went to school...

Legalize Prostition. Why not? One of the shittiest cities yet most popular cities in the country does it. Las vegas is nice...at the strip...you go past the strip its like Detroit in the desert. The only difference is the city does what it does great. They created a area where everybody goes to just do whatever under legel terms..prostituion is legal there! Why not here...make women get a hooking liscense! Import hookers whatever you have to do to make tourist come to detroit to get some booty and blunt! We would have one up on Vegas with that! Come up with some new fresh business ideas that will bring investors and tourist here. Make this city worth coming to!

This following idea would cost a lot of money to do and may not need to be done depending on if other ideas work which is why I would do this last or to a minium. If the roach police dont work tear all these damn shitty houses down. Tear down these buildings that havent been in business for years down. Create park space. Put down grass employ people to keep them well kept. Created jobs boom...better looking cleaner city..boom eyesores are very bad...I mean would you rather date a chick with aids or genital warts? Well she could tell you she doesnt have aids..you cant hide warts and as soon as you see them...you leave...same here get rid of the messed up buildings and houses you see everyday at least.

If you start at these few ideas you would start changing the mentality of people where it matters the most and in future endeavors in this city.If schools get better then people wouldnt move to give kids a better chance at learning. If people care about learning then they will learn about how important it is to take care of their own. Im not saying conform to other cities. Im just saying take care of your own. Dont be out here thinking that its cool to not be shit!

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