Monday, September 12, 2011

Why I dig chubby chicks!

I cant lie...I like chubby chicks. Not Precious big but I dont mind meat on the bone. Dont get me wrong I also like somewhat skinny chicks and the overused and sometimes misunderstood "thick" chicks as well. My whole point of writing this is to show some of the bigger some love because sometimes they get over looked.

Reason No 1: Chubby chicks are less conceited.- I like a down to earth woman no matter how she looks. It just so happens that most of them are either chubby not attractive or non-exisetent. A chubby girl you can compliment all day and she will never let it get to her head...she will make it get to yours. (more on that later)
Attractive chicks get hit on far too much and you can barealy say hi to them without them giving you the beat box. You tell a chubby chick hey your hair looks nice today they will love you forever you tell a "model" (or insert whatever you choose to call very attractive women) type chick that they will be looking like "yeah yeah heard that 5 times today geez ok hair looks good."

Reason No 2: They are not afraid to chow down!- Im a skinny dude...I cant gain weight to save my life. Thing is I like to eat unhealthy coney dogs fried chicken wings hashbrowns with onions chili and cheese sweets and everything in between. I dont want a girl that watches her figure then wants me to change how I eat and resent me because if she eats what I eat she gets fat. GOOD! I would rather have a skinny chick that can eat like me and not gain a ounce or a cute chubby chick that eats my leftovers downs a beer with me and goes on late night coney runs with me!

Reason No 3: They Will give you the best blowjob ever.
Yes I said it..they will and they do! The reason is simple. A bigger girl is more then likely already somewhat self concious about her self and if a dude shows interest then she will perfect the art of making sure she can keep her man. A fine chick always has more options and probably has a phone full of numbers with dudes ready to shove their fleshrocket in them the second your fuck up.

Reason No 4: They keep you strong.
Big girls are well big. When you are doing the do you have to work harder but its kinda like working out when you think about it. Bang a big girl lift her legs up and look at your are essentially getting a free workout in! Flip her over hit it from the back and lift them cheeks up...two work outs in one. Plus big girls are pretty big freaks too which helps.

Reason No 5: Keeps a brother warm when its cold out:
This is the classic reason but for me its the least important. I have a blanket to keep me warm but that does not negate the fact that you can save a few bucks on the heating bill because you can turn that thermostat down a few nothces with her under that blanket with you!

These are my top 5 reasons to date a chubby chick at least once in your life.

Honorable mention reasons:
They tend to take better care of them selves because its one thing to be a stinky girl its another to be a stinky fat girl.

They treat you better on your get gifts sex food and they spend their own money!

They work hard at their job which means they will make more money and are more willing to help you with bills to take the burden off of you.

Last but not least...more to love!